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Horror Stories Vol.1 “Poor Tom”

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Horror Stories Vol.1 “Poor Tom” Free.

Horror Stories Vol1 Poor Tom v1.0

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Tom will never go out with his friends again.
He can’t raise his thumb anymore.
And no way he’ll be in Hollywood again for sure.

Old condo in center of the Lucky Town.
Game Ready.

(Image effects are not included).

The package contains(40 models combined in 3 separate prefabs ): answering machine, Lamps, Kitchen cabinets, chairs, couch, boxes, phone, photo frame, sink, fridge, soda can, pizza, tv set, door, windows, skirting, fan etc.

3D Characters/Humanoids models included:
Death Tom,Zombie with 3 demonstrational animations(Idle,Walk,Eat) and two types of textures.
(Also includes t-pose). 65-bones.

Included Atmospheric scenario ready Demo Scene.

Mecanim and facial animation Ready.
Fully rigged.

Textures included: Diffuse, Normal, (4096×4096) (2048×2048) (1024×1024) and (512×512).

Additional sound files include: Police,Street,Zombie,Phone call(acting voice)

If you want to change story and get Tom back to life, contact support email and ask for a (T-pose) Tom Model with bones and standard animations(Mecanim).

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