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Ignis – Interactive Fire System

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Ignis – Interactive Fire System Free.

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Ignis – Interactive Fire System v1.8.6 (Latest version)

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Ignis – Ignite, Spread, Extinguish, Customize! All-around flame system.

Playable Demo | User guide | API Documentation | Discord | Youtube | Video tutorials

If you need support or have questions, please consult first the FAQ. You are also welcome to contact me by email: [email protected] or discuss on my discord channel: Discord Channel

Want to play with fire? If yes, then Ignis is just the right tool for you. With Ignis you can convert any object, vegetation or skinned mesh with bones to a flammable object and it will automatically catch flame. The flames can then spread, ignite other objects, be extinguished by particles or raycast or be burnt out naturally. Ignis – Interactive Fire System is designed to be easy and fast to use.

Ignis comes with a suite of customization options. For example, if your object is not fully wooden or you want only some parts to burn, do not worry: you can easily set up your object to flame up exactly the way you want it to.

Showcase (Games/Studios using Ignis)
▪ Tale Of a Wolf (In development)
▪ Darking Studios

▪ Easy setup! Just click “Convert to flammable” from the object menu and your object is converted automatically.
▪ Custom flames! Customize color, length, burn time, liveliness, smoke and more.
▪ Supports solid 3D-objects, vegetation and animated objects with bones!
▪ Customization/automation exactly the amount you need! Use automatic and fast setup for your flammable object or customize to your needs. Customization options include for example: Global Illumination, SFX, flammable areas and re-ignition.
▪ Interaction with fire! Use your own particles or raycast to ignite or extinguish the fire. Fire will also automatically interact with wind.
▪ Custom triggers and event callbacks! Example use cases: Explode a barrel after burning it for 5 seconds, destroy structures or damage player.
▪ Great performance! Choose between 3 flame VFX to suit your needs and optimize the performance: Hiqh quality, Lightweight and Lightweight textured. You can also create your own VFX from a template if you want! Ignis uses Unity’s VFX graph to simulate particles on GPU lightning fast!
▪ Sample scenes for URP/HDRP/Standard RP! ready-to-play sample scenes for URP, HDRP and Standard RP.
▪ Open code/graphs! All the code is done with C# and graphs are made with Unity’s graph editor, so you can customize them exactly to your needs.
▪ Documentation! Carefully hand-crafted documentation with pictures and FAQ, which is updated frequently.

Supported versions:
▪ Visual Effects Graph (Required Version 7.3.1+)
▪ ALL Rendering Pipelines
–✅ URP/HDRP (7.3.1+).
–✅ Built-in/Standard RP (Visual effects graph 7.3.1-10.2.0) with the exception of one optional/extra shader. (See Ignis in Standard RP in HQ FPS Demo video above). (See Limitations and Notices below)
▪ Unity 2019.3+

Integrated with:
▪ The Vegetation Engine
▪ HQ FPS Animated Weapons Vol.1
▪ Nature Manufacture Environments (E.g. Forest)
▪ Unity Terrain Tree Instances
▪ Vegetation Studio Pro
▪ Limited Vegetation Studio non-pro via runtime prefab spawner (See User Guide for more info)

Compability can be added manually with:
▪ Almost any shader by just telling correct shader parameter names in one setting/scriptable object.
▪ Interaction with almost any weapon/usable object by using one script. Scripts: Raycast Ignite, Raycast Extinguish, Particle Ignite, Particle Extinguish. For example add Raycast ignite to your area effect (molotov etc.) or Particle Extinguish to your water particle system and they will interact immediately!

Limitations and notices:
▪ Post processing effects were used in the videos, Images and demo scenes.
▪ Models and scenes shown in videos not included in the asset. Please check The Vegetation Engine, HQ FPS Animated Weapons vol 1 and Free Fantasy Medieval Houses and Props Pack by EmacEArt for the scenes in videos.
▪ Unity and Visual Effects Graph Alpha and Beta versions not officially supported (might still work).
▪ Unity does not officially support Visual Effects Graph in Standard RP, but it still works without any problems (Visual effects graph 7.3.1-10.2.0), see the FPS Sample demo video above. Currently Visual Effects Graph 10.4.0 seems not to work in Standard pipeline. Instructions how to use 10.2.0 in your project included in documentation
▪ Ignis does not yet officially support Android, iOS and WebGL platforms, since Unity’s Visual Effects Graph is not yet out of preview for mobile platforms. Ignis can work on your hardware (e.g. is reported to work on Oculus Quest 1 and 2 with Vulkan), but is to be used at your own risk. Visual effects graph is known to have problems on certain GPUs.

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