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IKARUS: Game View Controller

by [email protected]

IKARUS: Game View Controller is a system to control the main camera and light directly from the Game View, without enter Play mode. Preview all image effects properly for the perfect camera placement.

For more detail this asset from the Unity Asset Store: Click Here

This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “IKARUS: Game View Controller” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

IKARUS: Game View Controller v1.3

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IKARUS: Game View Controller can be upgraded to Sky Master ULTIMATE 2021 for only $49.


Sky Master ULTIMATE 2021 can be upgraded to the Environment Building Bundle for only $69 for a limited time (vs $460 full price)!


This is the first Beta release of the system, given the nature of the asset and the complexities of the Unity user interface, there may be configurations that may create an undesired effect, so please contact me for addressing any issue that may come up.

Please also note that the system is not a replacement for the scene view and its purpose is to give artistic precision in placing the main camera and preview the world with the final image effects and image as will be in the actual game, without entering play mode.

The videos showcase the use of the system together with Sky Master ULTIMATE 2021, the upcoming InfiniGRASS STUDIO and the LUMINA Global Illumination system. The module has been extensively tested with complex and demanding scenarios using various ARTnGAME assets to make sure it works across multiple scenarios.

IKARUS: Game View Controller features:

– Artistic freedom to change the camera and sun light for perfect placement based on the actual final game view with all image effects applied properly.

– Control the main camera and light directly from the Game View and without enter Play mode.

– “Select object” mode to directly select visible gameobjects with a collider in Game View for convinience.

– Two camera control modes, press left mouse to move forward and back button to move backwards, using the mouse rotation to change the forward direction or use the left mouse button pressed to rotate the camera and the right mouse button pressed moving the mouse forward or backwards to move the camera towards the view direction.

– Preset tranforms that the main camera can align to as needed with press of the related GUI buttons, for quicky visit map spots.

– Sun control for direction and light intensity

– Image effects on-off options.

Planned roadmap (All features are TBD):

– Add option to select rotation pivot in the second camera move mode.

– Add option to revert to the camera position that was asigned when first load the stage

– Add option to use the system in play mode. This is already possible but has not been extensively tested as a finalized feature.

– Add option to move the camera along a spline interactively (fly by mode) while outside play mode and in Game View.

– Add save current camera position button and GUI buttons to restore the saved pose

– Add option to align the scene camera pose to game view camera and vise versa

Known issues and limitations:

– The system will mark the scene dirty while it is enabled, press the Disable button in the Game View to stop the scene from being marked as not saved.

For support please visit the IKARUS Forum Thread or the ARTnGame Discord Channel

The system is included in Environment Building Bundle directly and is also ugradable from all major ARTnGAME assets for $5.

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