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InfiniTREE PRO – Procedural Forest Creation & Optimization

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “InfiniTREE PRO – Procedural Forest Creation & Optimization” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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InfiniTREE PRO – Procedural Forest Creation & Optimization v1.1b

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InfiniTREE PRO is a procedural tree generation and optimization system for Unity. It supports dynamic LOD management, ultimate ease of customization, using any prefab or the embedded tree generator to define tree parts and interactive trees.

Create trees with amazing detail and let the included forest manager group them and batch them with the custom multithreaded batching system for ultimate performance.

Create spectacular thick forests, add and grow trees on the fly during gameplay and interact with any tree and control all its parts individually. Ultimate customization with instant use of any prefab for bark, leaves and branches. Create any type of tree fast, imagination is the only limit.

InfiniTREE PRO may be used along side InfiniGRASS, for having more options on grass placement and to exchange shaders for more variety in tree visuals and to use the unique in InfiniTREE procedural L-Trees generation at run time or as unique models for InfiniGRASS brushes.

InfiniTREE PRO Tutorial Video

Windows Demo: InfiniTREE Demo

Dynamic tree growth & control | InfniTree system

If you have any requests for new features or feedback and for demos, please visit the Unity forum thread.

For support, contact me via [E-mail] [ARTnGAME Discord]

More info on the official website

HDRP and URP versions are included.

The system has not been tested in VR, mobile, Mac, consoles and Linux. The core of the system, the procedural tree generator and optimizer should work on all platforms, the shaders of the trees are generally compatible with most platforms, but have not been tested in the above mentioned ones.


Note this is the first Beta version of InfiniTREE PRO, the system will be in Beta phase for some time until all features are realized and has been tested more extensively. If you like the system please remember to leave a review, it helps a lot with the constant development and adding new extra features.

– New procedural whole tree generator with adjustable mesh quality, that can be used with the Forest grower – optimizer in the bark and branches prefabs in Grass Mode (branches are not forming an L-Tree in Grass mode but are rather spread in the ground area around the Bark prefab)

– New preview options of the forest growing region

– Control over the LOD distances cutoffs and more options on LOD center definition

– Direct support for all pipelines in the same project

– New above 64K vertices mesh mode, for further optimization and bigger batched models

– New controls for the Grass Mode to facilitate and control the new procedural trees planting.


– Add option to bake a batched tree from the tree grower and use this as branch without procedural creation. The standard mode is to create all trees on the fly in order to enable the maximum variety in tree shaping and easy customization.

InfiniTREE Features:

– New(v1.9) – Added new shader variant with circular wind for use with vortexes – tornados and helicopters (Video 1) – (Video 2)

– New(v1.9) -Added new shader based interaction – push of foliage towards the player direction (Video)

– New(v1.8) -Added a new tree chopping feature with complete chop process and particles.

– New(v1.6)-More shaping options for tree generation

– New(v1.6)-Major performance enhancements, for faster tree creation & dynamics

– New(v1.6)-New tree chopping behavior & demo

– New(v1.6)-New tree types and shaders

– New(v1.6)-New grass, spline and mesh generation modes WIP showcase demos

– New(v1.6)-More LOD options

– Procedural tree generation using L-trees. Create unique, rule based trees in the editor or during play mode.

– Ultimate customization and ease of use, use any prefab for the tree parts, also compatible with Unity Tree Creator meshes

– Interactive trees in play mode, infinite interaction possibilities (e.g. chop, move, explode, control trees, leaves & branches individually)

– Multithreaded dynamic batching system, that allows smooth addition and growth of trees during play mode and supremely detailed trees.

– Forest manager, that will group trees for optimal batching and performance, based on their type (static or dynamic) and relative distances.

– Fully controllable and customizable LOD system, use any mesh as LOD group and have complete control over the LOD method.

– Grow trees in the editor for preview and customize them further. Save prefabs of the trees on the disk for other uses.

– Instantiation of any tree with complete control of its features, during play mode.

– Grass mode, that will spread dynamic detailed grass over the terrain.


The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided.

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