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Isometric 2.5D Toolset

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Isometric 2.5D Toolset Free.

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Isometric 2.5D Toolset v3.1.0 (Latest version)

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Make 2.5D isometric game in Unity easy!

–Usage video (Sprites)–
–Usage video (Physics)–


– Automatic sorting 2D isometric tiles and objects;
– Sorting objects with single-tile size as well as multiple-tiles size;
– Auxiliary functions for converting isometric coordinates into screen coordinates and conversely;
– Placing and snapping of objects in the Unity editor;
– Helpful mouse and touch functions;
– Custom isometric tile angle, ratio and height;
– Support multiple isometric worlds in a scene with different settings;
– Mix 2D and 3D support;
– Physics support! (Colliders, Rigidbodies, Trigger and Collision events)
– Full PlayMaker support.

– Intersection of isometric objects is not allowed;
– Parent-child related isometric objects is not allowed.

Supports Unity 2017 and newer, both Personal and Pro. Full C# source code included.

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Samples use Public Domain sprites from kenney.nl
Samples use (CC BY 4.0) sprites from dragosha.com
Samples use Free models from Honeti’s models

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