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JU TPS 3 – Third Person Shooter GameKit + Vehicle Physics

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “JU TPS 3 – Third Person Shooter GameKit + Vehicle Physics” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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JU TPS 3 – Third Person Shooter GameKit + Vehicle Physics v3.0.42

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JU TPS makes third-person shooter game development as simple as possible

JU TPS is a Template/GameKit designed to facilitate the creation of third-person shooter games. It offers a variety of features such as realistic locomotion, advanced ragdoll system, vehicle physics, AI for vehicles and enemies, inventory system, weapons, items, and more.

🏃 Controller Features:

Third Person Control
Realistic Locomotion
Realistic Rotation
Root-Motion Support
Resizable Collider
Advanced Ragdoll System
Body Part Damage System
Advanced Foot Placement System
Support to create new Actions/Expand the System
Drive Vehicles System
Gravity Switching System

🎮 Gameplay Styles:

Third Person Shooter
First Person Shooter
Top Down

🕹️ Input Features:

Integrated with the New Input System
Cross-Platform Support (Keyboard, Gamepad and Mobile)

🧠 Artificial Intelligence Features:

Vehicle AI
Zombie AI
Patrol AI

🗡️ Inventory and Item Features:

Inventory System
Weapon System
Melee Weapons
Throwable Items System
Armor/Clothing System
Dual Wielding System

🏍️ Vehicle Physics Features:

Motorcycle Physics Included
Car Physics Included
Custom Vehicle Physics Support

🎥 Camera Features:

Third Person Shooter Camera (TPS)
First Person Shooter Camera (FPS)
Sidescroller/TopDown Camera System
Expandable Camera System
Camera State Triggers

🛠️ Tools/Utils/Bonus Included:

JU Icon Generator
JU Fracture Generator
Destructible Objects System
Camera Shaker
Slowmotion Feature
Pixel Quality Scaler

The JU TPS only works on humanoid characters models

JU TPS works independently of the render pipeline, which by default uses the Built-in Render Pipeline. You can convert the shaders to the Render Pipeline you want.

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