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Localization (Multi-Language)

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Localization (Multi-Language) Free.

Localization (Multi-Language) v1.2.0

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– Make your app international by translating it into multiple languages fast and easy.

– Supports all languages supported by Unity. Complete list available here

– All settings are done inside a custom Settings Window.

– Automatically detects the device language and if no translation is available in that language the default language will be used.

– Saves and Loads the last language used.

– Auto Translation implemented inside Settings Window. Automatically translations can be done by a single click inside asset.

– Import/Export translations to .CSV files.

– Works with Unity UI, Text Mesh Pro and nGUI.

– Translations can be done automatically by adding a component to your text or by calling a single line of code.

– Full example scenes included

– All code is available and fully commented

– Works with Free, Plus or Pro license.

– Works on all supported Unity platforms.

Compatible with the following visual scripting tools:- Bolt

– Playmaker

This asset is also included in Mobile Tools. A more complex pack that includes Ads, In App Purchase, Achievements and Leaderboards and Save solutions. All are integrated in a complete game, also included, so you will have a complete example of how to use each one.

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Changes in 1.2.0Bolt support added.

Changes in 1.1.0Playmaker support added.

Changes in 1.0.2Fixed issue when using comma(,) inside .csv text.

Changes in 1.0.1Fixed multi line issue for a single ID.

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