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Low Poly Medieval Kit

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Low Poly Medieval Kit Free.

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Low Poly Medieval Kit v1.1 (Latest version)

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A low poly asset pack full of 3d models, to create a Medieval themed Low Poly style game.

-Demo Scene Included

378 unique assets

Assets included in this pack:

This Package is divided into 8 parts:

-Buildings: 18 Prefabs

Bridge, Dock, Houses, Mine, Sawmill, Towers, Well, Windmill.

-Building Parts: 21 Prefabs

Castle Bridges, Castle Stairs, Castle Towers, Castle Walls, Gate Walls.

-Decorations: 67 Prefabs

Boards, Boat, Flags, Floor Bricks, Pirate Ships, Scrolls, Signs, Fences.

-Environmnent: 118 Prefabs

Big Terrains, Big Water Planes, Bushes, Cactuses, Dead Bushes, Dead Trees, Dirt Cliffs, Flowers, Grass, Grass Hills, Grass Patches, Mushrooms, Reeds, Roads, Small Terrains, Small Water Planes, Stones, Terrains, Trees, Water Planes.

-Objects: 130 Prefabs

Barrels, Beds, Benches, Books, Bowls, Buckets, Carpets, Chairs, Chest ,Crates, Cups, Dirt Grave, Empty Barrel, Flower Pots, Fork, Logs, Ladders, Lanterns, Potions, Spoon, Stone Grave, Tables, Wardrobes.

-Vehicles: 3 Prefabs

Cannon, Wooden Cart, Wooden Cart with sacks.

-Weapons: 14 Prefabs

Axe, Bow, Bow Arrow, Bow Quiver, Bow Quiver with arrows, Hammer, Hatchet, Knife, Mace, Machete, Pickaxe, Shield, Spear, Sword.

-Work Stations: 7 Prefabs

Anvil, Anvil with Hammer and Horse Hoof, Crafting Tables, Furnaces.

-Texture Resolution:

Color Pallet – 600X

Grass – 512X

Pine Tree Branch – 512X

-Tris Count:

Between 2 – 75K

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