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Low Poly Nature: Lush and Diverse Environments

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “Low Poly Nature: Lush and Diverse Environments” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Low Poly Nature: Lush and Diverse Environments v1.0

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Bring your game to life with over 800 low poly 3D models. Inspired by real-world flora, discover a diverse range of models to craft your dream world.

🍃 Welcome to the Low Poly Nature Pack!

Ever dreamt of creating a lush, vivid game world but not sure where to start? Say hello to the Low Poly Nature pack, the ultimate asset toolkit designed with you in mind.

🌳 What’s Inside?

Over 800 High Quality Game Ready 3D Models: From whimsical mushrooms to towering oaks, everything you need to paint a vivid picture. Ideal for desktop and mobile.

Flora: Bushes & shrubs, grass blades & lumps, mushrooms & more.
Terrain: A wide range of ground pieces, including background mountains and floating islands.
Props: Add life with campfires, ruined walls and modular fences.
Geological Features: Rocks, pebbles, and cliffs.
Stunning Trees: From majestic oaks to whimsical weeping willows.

🎨 Customization:

Aside from provided variations inside the pack it is very easy to customize colors due to the usage of single texture atlas / palette texture. Annotated variant of the pallete texture is provided.


✨ Unique Features:

Real-World Inspiration: Many of the models aren’t just generic plants; we strived for biological accuracy, while still maintaining low poly aesthetics and artistic freedom. This includes different growth stages for some of the models.
Ready-to-Use: Dive in with an overview map and ready to use drag&drop prefabs. Witness the potential before you even begin.
Unity Optimized: Supports BultIn, URP, and HDRP rendering pipelines. Primitive colliders are provided for most of the models (and generated convex mesh colliders for some).


Bushes: 40, including 15 shrubs
Cliffs: 5
Grass: 80 models, including more and less detailed version, with variations (lush, dried, mixed)
Ground: 69 models, including Background Mountains (5), Flat 4m tiles (20), Floating Islands (6), Low Hills (6), Mounds (16) and Small piles (16)
Mushrooms: 83 models, including Death Caps (1), Fly Agaric (22), Girolles (9), Parasol Mushrooms (13), Procini (12), Shaggy Ink Cap (15) and generic mushrooms (2)
Plants: 196 models, including Bluebells (9), Daisies (15), Dandelions (13), Ferns (13), Foxgloves (9), Ivy (52: 20 complex, 20 simplified variants and 10 clusters, and 2 leaves), Nettles (36), Reeds (9), Water Lilies (22) and Wild Garlic (12), generic saplings (6)
Rocks: 35 models, including 9 rock piles
Simple water planes: 15 models of tillable meshes
Trees: 110 models, including Birches (18), Oaks (17), Pines (51), Weeping Willow (14), generic trees (10)
Tree branches: 13 models
Tree logs: 42 models, including log piles (12)
Tree trunks/stumps: 19 models
Tree roots: 6 models
Withered Trees: 15 models
Modular fence: 50 models
Campfires: 10 models (2 types of campfires in 3 stages, firewood and stone)
Ruined walls: 13 models, including 6 walls, 2 rubbles and 5 stone slabs
Planks: 7 models
Textures: 4 variants of palette texture (baseline, vibrant, toned down, flat)

Start crafting your dream game today. Let the Low Poly Nature pack be your guide, brush, and canvas all rolled into one.

Engage with us! If you have ideas or feedback join our discord community or write to us!

⚠️Note: this pack includes 3D models, prefabs, scenes, materials, and textures. Effects, water shaders, and volumetrics from videos and screenshots are excluded. Most notably see Volumetric Fog and Mist 2 by Kronnect and URP Stylized Water Shader – Proto Series by Bitgem and skyboxes from ‘AllSky’ by rpgwhitelock. “ForestPath” demo scenes is very CPU demanding and it was desgined with GPU Instancer by GurBu Technologies or similar solution in mind. Please note, GPU Instancer is NOT included in the asset pack, but the dense grass is available (disabled) for those with a similar tool. All screenshots are from URP. Overview images remain unaltered without post-processing or special effects.

Number of textures: 4

Texture dimensions: 512×512

Polygon count: 2-4500

Minimum polygon count: 2

Maximum polygon count: 4500

Number of meshes/prefabs: 808

Rigging: No

UV mapping: Yes

Types of materials and texture maps: texture palette/texture atlas

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