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Low Poly Tree Collection – 40 Models

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Low Poly Tree Collection – 40 Models Free.

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Low Poly Tree Collection – 40 Models

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They are divided by Collections:

Large Trees (2);
Dry Trees (6, including 2 Trunks);
Desert Trees (5, including Cactus and Baoba);
Palm Trees (4);
Casual Trees (6);
Block Trees (3);
Fruit Trees (6, including 3 fruitless);
Flowers (7, including 2 Glovers);
Each Tree is merged in a Single Object, named as the reference image (catalogue included), this way you can Append it in your project as a single piece. Each Material is named in reference to the tree that it is attached (Ex.: Casual Tree 01 / Casual Tree Leaves / Casual Tree Trunk)

All origins are set in the Base of the trees, so you can work easier on resize or placements. All Rotation, Scales and Locations are applied, set to zero.

Trees has different styles, mixing Tris and Quads.

Feel free to modify the shapes, material, colors, and anything that is necessary for your needs.
Any problem can be reported to me via e-mail, and I will try to fix as soon as possible. And if you need any different model, I can work on it for u, just mail me. ([email protected])

This is my Behance: behance.net/gsommer

PS.: A few of them are a variation from one another.

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