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Low Poly Vegetation Pack

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Low Poly Vegetation Pack Free.

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Low Poly Vegetation Pack v1.2.3 (Latest version)

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This package contains a huge variety of different plants, grass, bushes, and other plants ready to use for your game levels. Just drag and drop prefabs to your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time. PC, Mobile and VR friendly assets.

Read more in depth about this package on: Website

Optimized for
– PC
– Mobile
– VR

Supported Render Pipelines
– Standard
– LWRP (read included Documentation!)
– HDRP (read included Documentation!)
– URP (read included Documentation!)

432 unique Low Poly Vegetation Prefabs:
– 43 Bushes
– 43 Flower Bushes
– 10 Dead Bushes
– 66 Flowers
– 68 Mushrooms
– 67 Other Plants
– 12 Reeds
– 27 Cactus
– 52 Mesh Grass
– 28 Grass Planes
– 16 3D Grass

You get 9 Grass Textures:
– Can be painted using Terrain Editor
– Use any color you want
– Achieve beautiful results

Also, you get the same 182 One Sided Prefabs to be seen from one side for better performance:
– 54 One Sided Flower Prefabs
– 67 One Sided Other Plants
– 9 One Sided Grass Planes
– 52 One Sided Mesh Grass

+ 24 BONUS ASSETS – taken from my Low Poly Trees Pack
– 12 Tileable Terrain planes
– 5 Hills
– 3 Tileable Water planes
– 4 Clouds

– 1 Vegetation material and 1 texture atlas 256×256 (used for all vegetation prefabs except grass plane)
– 9 Grass plane materials for GrassPlane prefabs
– 9 Grass textures (can be painted using Unity Terrain Editor)
– 1 Cloud material
– 1 Mountain material
– 5 Terrain materials
– 2 Water materials

– Easy to use – just drag & drop prefabs to your scene.
– Every prefab pivot is at the center bottom of the model, so you can easily drop it on the ground, scale, and rotate them.
– All prefabs can be painted on Terrain using Unity Terrain editor.
– All prefabs can be painted on any mesh using Polybrush.
– Easy to change colors.
– Real world scale.
– Terrain and Water Planes use pivot at the corners for easy snapping.
– All Terrain Planes and Hills has Mesh Colliders attached.

– All prefabs use single Albedo 256×256 Texture Atlas and 1 Material, not including Grass Planes.
– Lightmap support (Realtime GI or Baked GI).
– Optimized for low end devices.

More info about tris count and Wireframe images: Website

The package also includes:
– .PSD Texture Atlas 2048×2048 file (Easy to change colors).
– Documentation.pdf (MUST READ!).
– License (MUST READ!).
– 6 Demo scenes as you can see in the pictures are included + 2 Scenes to show off all assets.

Tested and Works Perfect on all versions of Unity (from 2018.4 LTS):
Unity 2018.4 LTS
Unity 2019.1
Unity 2020.1 and up

*All simple Demo Scenes was made just to show off assets!
*All Screenshots and videos were captured on PC build!
*Music and sounds are not included!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the assets, please contact me.

Follow me on Twitter: @lmhpoly
Contact email: [email protected]

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