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Lumen: Stylized Light FX

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “Lumen: Stylized Light FX” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Lumen: Stylized Light FX v1.0.3

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Bring the light back into your project with Lumen: Stylized Light FX! Quickly prototype, save, recolor, and instantiate light flares and sun rays with the onboard tools.

Create beautiful stylized light effects ranging from light flares to halos to god rays to scatters! Lumen is a one-stop solution to stylized, performant volumetric lighting in stylized games.

Features THREE DIFFERENT SYSTEMS of light that work together to dramatically stylize your game worlds:

Do the lights in your scene feel lackluster? Do you want your audience to feel the warmth of the lights in your game? LUMEN LIGHT FLARES add a subtle halo to the lights in your scene providing an effect similar to that of volumetric point lights. This effect can be turned to the extreme as well filling your scenes with majestic glow and powerful auras—a must for any mystical item that your players may encounter!

The LUMEN STATIC RAYS are a simple way to achieve any sort of volumetric ray. Godrays, sunshafts, spotlights, 2D, 3D, or anything in between, these rays do it all! Use these to add interest to your scene, direct the player’s eye to important locations, fill the scene with moody lighting, or just make your scenes even prettier!

Finally, LUMEN DYNAMIC RAYS use vertex colors and a custom shader to dynamically scale and contort the rays to a specific angle in real-time! Use these rays to track the sun dynamically, point rays at a moving target, or fake real-time volumetric lighting!


Built on a mesh-based, procedural material, Lumen throws out all of the calculations that most volumetric lighting solutions need by replacing the traditional mathematics with a simple vertex lit shader! This allows your effects to be calculated cheaply so that you can focus on the aesthetics of your scene, without worrying about the framerate decreasing. Beyond this, the lack of textures allows your disk space to be minimized without reducing the quality of the flares and rays that make your scene beautiful!

Powerful tools to light your world:

Scriptable object backend for quick and easy saving.
A fully 3D mesh-based workflow means that effects can be infinitely scaled with no loss in quality!
Dynamic and customizable depth fading that allows you to display and hide the light effects based on the depth of the scene.
Advanced camera fading that fades light effects in and out based on the distance to the camera.
Custom layering system for easy customization.
Lightweight shader built-in with GPU instancing support
The custom noise-based variation system smoothly interpolates light effects to a different color. Useful for everything from subtle, lazy light movement to sporadic, violent lighting.
Global, local, and per-layer controls give you ultimate control over the way that you want the light to render in your scene.
All shaders are built with Amplify Shader Editor for easy customization across Built-in and URP!
Come prepared with out-of-the-box features:

42 Premade light effects
89 Light shapes
Two main shader types
Full inspector extensions built with quick and easy editing in mind from the start
Fully supports Built-In and URP for any platform!


51 Static light ray FX shapes
8 Dynamic light ray FX shapes
30 Flare FX shapes
19 Premade light ray FX types
8 Premade dynamic light ray FX types
15 Premade light flare FX types
Two main shader types

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