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M.E. Castle Creator

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “M.E. Castle Creator” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

For more detail this asset from the Unity Asset Store: Click Here

M.E. Castle Creator v1.8

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V 1.8: Added 1 new higher quality texture, switched for new primary look!
Major Update V1.75 now available! Now adding a whole new supply of Castle creation content.

*Please use Unity 5.5.0 or higher to access all new content included!

This is the second package to my M.E. (Medieval Environments) Series!

Also part of the M.E. Series Bundle Package

M.E. Castle Creator brings more than just basic castle pieces together. Its an entire supply of modular wall pieces for advanced Castle Designs, with supportive pieces for both interiors and exteriors!

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Hints: “Grid” Snapping and “Vertex” Snapping (hold “v”) work very well with these modular pieces!
* Both this new update, and the previous releases share respectively 1 texture per section at 2048×2048 and 1024×1024 res, with multiple texture look alternates!
* All prefabs are low on their poly counts, and work great with Mobile or PC! Also great for First Person or Top Down style games.

This Package now includes over 600+ Modular Prefabs and Modules to use for your games!

Here’s what’s included with Castle Pack 2.0:
– 37 Pre-built Modules to give you a great start with working with the newest content added!
– New walls: basic, and with crenelations or battlements
– Arches and Archways
– Pillars and Posts
– Stairs, ladders, crates, and barrels
– A wide assortment of pre-built modules
– Lanterns, and braziers
– Rocks
– Different color flags and flag poles (basic, but texture can be easily edited)
– Doors and Windows, great for added detail

Here’s what was included for initial release (Check “Versions” tab below for old or newly added content):
– 45 Castle Walls: With or without “Crenelations” or “Battlements.”
– 12 Castle Wall Corners.
– 23 Castle Stairs and Steps.
– 18 Castle Wall Extensions, and Crenelations.
– 26 Castle Tower variations: Round, Square, with interiors or exteriors with added modular pieces.
– 12 Castle Gatehouse variations: with or without Gates.
– 16 Castle Wall Floors: along with Hatches and Hatch Frames with metal bar flooring.
– 25 Castle Railings and Barriers: Great for walkways or interior structures.
– 6 Arched Bridge variations.
– 15 Flat Bridges and Corner pieces.
– 10 Castle Pillars: Great for detailing your scenes, or using as support for Castle ledges.
– 17 Castle Add-Ons: Modular walls, for interior and exterior designs of structures, or custom towers/ walls.
– 2 Wooden Beams for support.
– 5 Different Sized Ladders: Great for climbing up the different sized Castle Walls!
* 11 Pre-Built Modules using the pieces provided: Gatehouse Entrance, Castle Structure or “Keep,” Custom Towers, and a few Platform variations!

There is a Demo Scene included in this package, and to play on my Website: Web Demos Page Also now included is a demo scene featured within this package featuring all content layed out on the field for better viewing purposes! There are multiple demo scenes available in this pack, for viewing the whole of its content

Please give an honest review or rating if you like this package! And check out the other M.E. Series packages as they become available!

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