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by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Mega Grab Free.

Mega Grab v1.28

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MegaGrab allows you to grab upscaled and anti aliased screenshots. If you need to do real prints of your game for posters or banners, or need to grab an even more anti aliased image then MegaGrab will do that. You say how many times you want the grab to be bigger than the actual rendered size and how many extra levels of anti aliasing you require and MegaGrab will render, upscale and antialias the camera to a file. Works on IOS and Android and you can now upload JPG grabs to your website at runtime as well as grab sequences for making into videos offline. Note this will not work with Orthographic cameras, and will not grab GUI.

– Works in Unity 5
– Works in Unity Free and Pro
– Supports all platforms
– Upload Grabs to web
– Sequence Grabs
– Alpha Mask Grabs
– Any level of AA
– DOF option
– JPG or TGA output
– Massive res grabs
– Set DPI for grabs

New Feature Alpha grabs now supported. You can now grab sequences of images for turning into movies.

Also you don’t need this script to do normal screenshots in Unity, it has a built in system to do that, but MegaGrab does a lot more for you.

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