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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Mega World Free.

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Mega World BETA v0.789

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○ What do you buy

✓ Quadro Renderer

✓ Stamper Tool

✓ Brush Paint Tool

✓ Brush Erase Tool

✓ Brush Modify Tool

✓ Edit Tool

✓ Precise Place Tool

✓ Pin Tool

○ Overview

Review from a user who made realistic jungles using MegaWorld!

Mega World is an ecosystem of tools for lightning fast creation of beautiful and realistic results and hyper-optimized object rendering. Mega World has both tools for full as well as partial procedural generation, as well as for quick and easy manual level design.

Each game needs a tool for procedural generation, first of all, such a tool can greatly accelerate the process of creating scenes, and most importantly, it allows you to better create your scenes

Mega World not only creates a realistic looking forest, but also simplifies the workflow, you can copy and paste settings, you can save settings profiles in the project, and at any time you can add them to the tool.

Mega World offers an intuitive, simple, but at the same time comprehensive solution for creating scenes in minutes.

○ Quadro Renderer

Having a Quadro Renderer in this package gives Mega World a big advantage over other procedural placement tools. Mega World has enough features and more to make your forest look very realistic, and the Quadro Renderer makes your forest even more realistic.

Quadro Renderer is an alternative to the Unity Terrain Tree. For the first time, you should stop using the Unity Terrain Tree if you want a convenient workflow in Edit Mode, good FPS, and more realistic creation, and you can’t do that with a Unity Terrain Tree. Try using Quadro Renderer with GPU Instanced Indirect in edit mode, render a dense forest for 8 km and you will have a completely new positive experience of working in Edit Mode.

○ Why Mega World deserves your attention

✓ This is quite possibly the most advanced manual level design package and contains a large set of powerful manual level design tools.

✓ Most of the users who have used my implementation of the Brush Paint Tool said this is the best implementation, you are 100% no exception.

✓ Quadro Renderer is the only hyper-optimized rendering alternative to the Unity Terrain Tree. It will also give you hyper-optimized in Edit Mode using GPU Instanced Indirect with Compute Shaders. Also, it can work fine if you use other procedural placement tools it can convert GameObject or Unity Terrain Tree to Quadro Renderer.

✓ If you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning complex tools like Terrain Composer 2 and Map Magic 2, but want to get realistic results almost immediately, Mega World is the best option. Mega World contains templates, this will allow you to get a realistic result in one click without configuring MegaWorld, you can also use copy and paste settings, in the Stamper Tool you can enable Auto Spawn and conveniently configure your preset settings.

✓ Mega World went through long daily user support, after receiving a huge amount of feedback, it was polished as much as possible to make the user as comfortable as possible using Mega World.

○ Guarantee

✓ Instant User Support – I’m online 7 days a week, especially good support via Discord.

✓ Mega World Stability – major updates go through the testing phase, for example, the update with Quadro Renderer was tested 3 months before going to the Asset Store.

✓ Instant Bugfix – I’ll send you a link to GitHub where you can download the fix before going to the Asset Store.

✓ Big Plans for Mega World – the set of tools that we have now, this is just the beginning.

○ Source Code

The asset comes with the full source code. If you bought Mega World, you can ask to get access to GitHub, there you can get fixes instantly, you can test new features. You can also branch and improve Mega World, Mega World is very modular, you can create extensions easily. I will be glad if you contribute to the development of Mega World!

○ Integration


○ Still not sure?

Just buy Mega World if you don’t like Mega World or think there are better alternatives, I will refund your money no questions asked

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