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Mesh Materializer

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Mesh Materializer Free.

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Mesh Materializer v2020.1 (Latest version)

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Mesh Materializer 2019.4

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Mesh Materializer 2018.5

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Mesh Materializer 2018.3

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The idea of Mesh Materializer is to generate and bake all possible data directly into mesh file:
• Textures and color from material
• Ambient Occlusion
• Indirect Lighting
• Lightmap data
• Mesh thickness
• Displace info
All above is baked into mesh vertex color and later can be used in custom shaders or various calculations.

Beside data baking Mesh Materializer offers various mesh manipulation tools:
• Generating ‘low-poly’ style meshes
• Optimizing mesh files by merging them and/or compressing
• Converting Unity terrains into meshes
• Adjusting mesh vertex colors
• and many others.

Core features are described in this video tutorials

Mesh Materializer includes:
1) Low Poly Mesh Generator
2) Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting generator tool
3) Terrain To Mesh plugin
4) Vertex Color Adjustments tool
5) Mesh Thickness Baker tool
6) Lightmap to vertex color baking tool
7) Mesh vertex color to texture baker tool
8) Generated mesh asset optimizer:
• Mesh compressor
• Multiple mesh combiner
• Mesh converter to one submesh
• Unused mesh data remover

All tools work in Editor and Run-time.

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Scripts are packed in dll.

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