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MiniScript v1.5 (Latest version)

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MiniScript is a high-performance, easy-to-learn scripting language for your game or simulation.

Written entirely in C#, and with Unity integration in mind, MiniScript is the best way to let your users (or your own development team!) script behaviors in your game. Applications include:

• Add mod support, enabling users to add custom behaviors, AI, or other features, without breaking your game!

• Create a programming game, where players write scripts to control tanks/robots/etc. in the heat of battle!

• Give your designers the ability to easily script cut scenes, AI behaviors, and more, even in already-compiled builds of your game!

MiniScript is compatible with all platforms, and runs in a carefully constructed sandbox — MiniScript code has access to exactly those Unity values and functions you provide.

Includes a 1-page quick reference and MiniScript manual which you can deliver to your users, as well as a detailed guide to integrating Miniscript into your own game.

Unlike the open-source version of MiniScript available via http://miniscript.org, this Unity plugin includes an in-game code editor, complete with syntax styling, auto-indentation, and optional line numbers!

Handy links:
• miniscript.org home page
• Forum thread
• Web demo
• MiniScript QuickRef
• MiniScript Manual
• Integration Guide

Please note: Although MiniScript itself does not require TextMeshPro, the demo scenes make use of it. So for best result, please add the TMPro Essentials to your project before importing this asset.
MiniScript is written by Joe Strout, an active forum member and professional Unity developer for many years. If you have any trouble, you’ll get quick and competent support.

Use MiniScript to make your game scriptable today!

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