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Mobile VR Movement Pack

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Mobile VR Movement Pack Free.

Mobile VR Movement Pack v1.0

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8 different ways to move in Mobile VR.

This is a collection of movement examples that work for mobile VR. The pack currently includes 8 demos:
– Waypoint System
– NavMesh Movement
– Bluetooth Controller Movement
– Autowalk (Tap to walk, tap to stop)
– AdvancedWalk (Jumping & more)
– Autofly (Flying in VR)
– Lookwalk (Look down to walk, up to stop)
– Waypoint Automatic Loop

These demos will work with:
– Gear VR
– Google VR / Cardboard / Daydream
(Recommended GVR v1.03 or 1.20)

The Bluetooth Example is *not* an extensive solution that is guaranteed to work with your bluetooth controller. It uses the default Unity horizontal and vertical joystick inputs, which work with most controllers.

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