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Mount Points v2.296 (Latest version)

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If your avatar needs to swap clothing or weapons during run-time, this is the perfect tool for you!

It now supports skinned meshes for things like clothes!

Mount Points is a super easy tool for connecting objects together and managing those relationships.

While in edit-mode, you can simply drag two objects together and when their mount points get close, they snap together like magnets. Drag the objects away from each other and they come apart.

Mount Points manages the relationship, orientation, and scale for you.

Manage connections in code as well as PlayMaker. Use a simple function to instantiate a new child object (like a sword) and mount it to your avatar’s hand.

Mount Points works with any GameObject, not just avatars. It also doesn’t try to recreate Unity’s hierarchy, it leverages and simplifies it.

Features Include:
* Simplified object connections
* Use with any GameObject
* Preserves child scale
* Precise position snapping
* Precise orientation snapping
* Mount points attach to bones for animating
* Supports skinned meshes
* Supports masks to reduce penetration
* Easy access through editor or code
* Code, so you can modify as needed

Web Demo
User Guide
Content Tutorial
Forum Thread

Support: [email protected]

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Due to major updates, Mount Point 2.0 is not compatible with older versions of Mount Point. Please remove older versions and then import this version.

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