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Mountain Army Sniper Shooter

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Mountain Army Sniper Shooter Free.

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Mountain Army Sniper Shooter

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Requirement: Unity 4.6

The perfect Army sniper game. This is a killer action packed game with 5 big missions divided to 10 levels for each mission. a total of 50 unique missions to test your sniping skills.

Be careful the game is not easy! you will need to react fast and the game boost your players Adrenalin.

fight tanks, helicopters and snipe parashooted troops and much more!

5 different environments
50 levels
Smooth camera rotation
Really challenging missions
Admob ads
Ready for iOS & Android
How to setup and reskin
This package comes with a complete video tutorial walk through on how to reskin the code and implement your AD ID’s.

For everything else we are always available to support you!

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