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Mountain Forest Pack

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “Mountain Forest Pack” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Mountain Forest Pack v1.5.3

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Mountain Forest was inspired by the lush forests of Transylvania, for anyone who wishes to recreate the natural habitat of conifers and mountain bears.

You can populate the hills and valleys of your project with a variety of trees, dress up detailed areas with photoscanned mossy rocks, stumps, drywood, low poly flowers and ground foliage.

HDRP & URP supported follow instructions of setup from Readme.pdf

* Please note, the screenshots & demo video are Post Processed *

Only need some parts of this pack?:






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Enjoy, and please feel free to contact support for any questions!

This pack includes:

– total of 245 prefabs

– 134 unique models (85% with 4LOD levels)

– 9 terrain textures (2k, with normal maps)

– 6 grass textures

– 2 shaders (“PBR-Foliage” & “Snowy”)

– 2 ShaderGraphs (“Foliage-LeavesWind” & “Snowy”)

– 2 particle systems

– 1 VFXgraph (“Snow”)

– 3 sound FX

– 1 skybox (cubemap)

Having multiple LOD levels is good

for most of the complex models in your scene, reducing the poly count from billions down to couple thousand when you’re rendering a dense forest scene.

Billboards at the furthest LOD level

cuts the polycount to 8 per tree, and renders 1 single 265px normal mapped Material.

Some of the models’ textures have been compacted into texture atlases,

so they share the same material, meaning fewer draw calls (for better GPU performance).

8k texture atlases (Diffuse + Normal + AO).

* it is reccomended to reduce Max Resolution to 4k or even 2k on URP or MOBILE projects *

The Wind Animated Folliage Shader

is customizable for different variants of wind effects on the leafy assets.

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