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Multiple Terrain Brush

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Multiple Terrain Brush Free.

Multiple Terrain Brush v1.5

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Multiple Terrain Brush is an editor tool with brushes for heightmaps and textures that work on multiple terrains. You can easily paint heightmap and textures, without switching from terrain to terrain. With multiple terrain burshes you can avoid terrain holes in borders during height map painting and editing. Brushes also contain smooth which is stitching and it’s removing terrain holes.

Pack contains:
– Unity 2017 support
– Heightmaps brushes
– Texture painting brushes
– Smooth brush with stitching function
– Multiple terrain texture adding system
– Manual
– Nonsquare terrains support
– Compatibility with World Streamer and Terrain Stitcher

Multiple Terrain Brush v1.6 requires Unity 5.1.2, v2.0 requires unity 5.4.1+.

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