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NavTools Bundle – Quick & Smooth Navigation for Unity

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “NavTools Bundle – Quick & Smooth Navigation for Unity” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

For more detail this asset from the Unity Asset Store: Click Here

NavTools Bundle – Quick & Smooth Navigation for Unity v1.0.0

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The NavTools Bundle consists of QuickNav and SceneNav (including SceneMark). These are Unity Edtior extensions which allow you to quickly navigate in your Scene, the Hierarchy and the Project via shortcuts and menus. You can move back and forth via a History list and navigate flexibly to your desired objects via the Favorites list and via shortcuts.


This bundle gives you access to the individual assets

SceneNav (including SceneMark)

Please visit the individual assets and assign them to your Unity account.


In Unity every now and then you have to switch back and forth between assets in order to configure them interdependently. Be it because of texture assignment, material assignment, you name it. With 2 assets you can help yourself with 2 inspectors and locking one. However that’s already very tedious, limiting and will get you only so far. Another thing is that you occasionally want to switch back and forth in history. Just like it’s common in modern browsers. The Unity Editor doesn’t have that feature yet. Besides Unity’s own internal favorites mechanism is very limited as well.

So I created this tool to see the navigation history and in addition to that store history items or currently selected items in a favorites list.

Among the features of this asset are:

Navigation History
Favorites List
Ping items, i. e. select them
Inspect items, i. e. select them and open them in the Inspector
Add history items to favorites
Add current selection to favorites
Support Project and Scene
Favorites list is Reorderable
Open Files (Scene, C#, Images)
Drag & Drop multiple to Favorites


SceneNav provides a means to zoom out, point at a desired destination by providing a preview of that destination and to zoom back in to that desired target. As such it’s supposed to enhance your workflow by allowing quick navigation across your scene.

SceneNav is based on actual use cases. Projects which require a fast workflow for scene creation. With emphasis on focusing on the project without being slowed down by Unity’s lack of proper tools for navigation around the scene. Especially scenes with large terrains.

As such I tried to keep the accessibility convenient for you while having the functionality help you speed up your workflow.

SceneNav comes with preconfigured presets. Depending on your own workflow and scene size you can adapt those presets to your personal needs. As such I tried to keep SceneNav very flexible.


SceneMark is part of SceneNav, with it you can navigate via

History of navigation points and

These allow for quick browsing to a preferred target at the click of a button. As such they are similar to bookmarks, hence the name.


Please visit the Asset Store pages QuickNav and SceneNav for more details about each individual asset.

These are Unity Editor extensions, independent of the render pipeline. Their main purpose is to help you save mouse clicks and allow you to jump quickly between your commonly used objects.

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