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This is a paid asset, but now you can download NodeCanvas Free.

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NodeCanvas v3.2.0 (Latest version)

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NodeCanvas v3.1.8

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NodeCanvas v3.1.6

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NodeCanvas v3.0.8

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NodeCanvas v3.0.5

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NodeCanvas v3.0.3f1

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NodeCanvas v2.9.7f

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‘.Net 4.x’ Equivalent Runtime Version is required.
‘.Net 3.5 (deprecated)’ is no longer supported.

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The Complete Visual Behaviour Authoring solution for Unity, empowering you to create advanced AI Behaviours and Logic, including three separate, fully featured, yet seamlessly interchangeable modules for you to choose and easily add in your game:

✔ Reactive Behaviour Trees.
✔ Hierarchical State Machines.
✔ Multi-Actor Dialogue Trees.

NodeCanvas is a production ready framework used by many awesome games including Pamela, Hurtworld, Hand of Fate 2, Kim, Shroud of the Avatar, Kingdom, The Long Dark, Ghost of a Tale and a lot more.
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● Three completely interchangeable graph modules to choose from.
● Sleek and Intuitive Visual Node Editor with all expected pro features.
(Full Undo/Redo, Zoom In/Out, Minimap, Multi-selection, Duplication, Copy/Pasting, JSON Import/Export, Groups, Comments and more)
● Graph, GameObject and Global Blackboard Variables to create reusable and agent-centric parametric behaviours.
● Data Bound Variables with instance or static properties and fields.
● Network Sync Variables with UNET.
(since UNET is now deprecated, this will be replaced with a new network solution)
● Prefab Overridable Variables.
● Auto-Convert non-identical variable data types.
● All Variable Types are supported out-of-the-box.
● Reusable behaviour graphs across any number of agents.
● Seamless SubGraphs nesting between all three graph modules.
(Behaviour Sub-Trees, Sub-State Machines, Sub-Dialogue Trees)
● Complete SubGraph Variables Parametrization and Mapping.
● Modular Action and Condition Tasks Design.
● Conditional Reactive Behaviour Trees Evaluation.
● Conditional and Stack-Based FSM Transitions.
● Colorful and informative runtime Visual Debugging.
● Node/Task Browser, to search, favorite and read built-in documentation.
● Preferred Types Configurator, to tailor type-related menus to your project needs.
● Graph Minimap, to navigate your graphs with ease.
● Graph Console, to automatically locate faulty nodes with a single mouse click.
● Graph Explorer, to search and find nodes, tasks and parameters in the graph.
● Graph Refactor, to batch refactor missing nodes, tasks and reflection references.
● Live Runtime Editing, to faster realize your design goals.
● Optimized Reflection Tasks, to automatically integrate existing code API.
● Built-In Event System, to communicate and transfer data within graphs.
● Clean and well-documented API, to extend NodeCanvas Framework and create your own Actions, Conditions, Nodes or even completely new graph modules.
● Object and Property Drawers, to customize inspectors in all ways possible.
● Integration with lots of 3rd Party Assets.
● Seamless Integration with FlowCanvas flowScripts.
● User Friendly. Lightweight. No Setup Required.
● Rock Solid Performance. Zero Allocations After Init. Async Graph Loading.
● All Platforms Supported out-of-the-box.
● Full C# Source Code included!
● And so much more…

No scripting? No problem. NodeCanvas comes with hundreds of well crafted game oriented premade Actions and Conditions to get you started directly. Furthermore you can use the specialized Reflection Tasks to make use and control any existing code and components without writing a single line of code!

Current 3rd Party Asset Extensions:
• Chronos
• Cinematic Sequencer – SLATE
• Cinema Director
• Core GameKit
• DOTween
• Easy Save
• Inventory Pro
• LipSync
• Love/Hate
• Master Audio
• Motion Controller
• PlayMaker
• PolyNav
• Simple Waypoint System
• and more, based on requests…

Community Driven Extensions:
• A* Project
• cInput
• FinalIK
• ProCamera2D
• Rewired
• uFrame

Furthermore, NodeCanvas seamlessly integrates with FlowCanvas enabling you to use nested flowScripts directly within your BehaviourTrees, FSMs, and/or Dialogue Trees, as well as the other way around!

” So, what’s included? ”
✔ The Core NodeCanvas Framework.
✔ The Behaviour Trees module.
✔ The State Machines module.
✔ The Dialogue Trees module.
✔ Lots of Game Oriented Tasks.
✔ Lots of 3rd Party Integration Tasks.
✔ The Full C# Source Code.
✔ Responsible Support.

Add NodeCanvas to your project and enjoy feature-rich, complete Visual Behaviour Authoring for Unity with powerful possibilities and without any compromises.

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