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Panda & Fruit Farm – Match 3 complete game

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Panda & Fruit Farm – Match 3 complete game Free.

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Panda & Fruit Farm – Match 3

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Welcome to Panda & Fruit Farm Game.

Panda Bear needs to harvest the fruits on his farm before being attacked by pests.

In order to harvest, he needs fruit baskets, which can only keep 6 fruits at a time.

The number of baskets is limited so in the process of collecting fruits, he has to find more baskets. That can be tricky!

The Panda will need to overcome challenges such as obstructing vines, tornados, poisonous spiders and worms that can get in the way of the fruit harvest.

The game includes hundreds of levels with 6 kinds of fruits: mangos, lime fruits, custard-apples, red peppers, plums, pears.

Items such as baskets, hammers, and the hands to move the various obstacles such as worm, bees, vines and cobwebs.

Combined with the classic play harder. New mission systems for the games in the same genre doesn’t have.
Support Unity 5.4 or high

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