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PhysKit: Ballistics

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The ultimate solution for game developers to handle ballistics calculations in 2D/3D physics. Includes ballistics API, trajectory tools, and path tracing with collision detection. An easy-to-use component you can attach to a game object to accurately predict projectile trajectories including bounces ensuring they travel the predicted path exactly.

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “PhysKit: Ballistics” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

PhysKit: Ballistics v1.1

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Ballistics API: PhysKit:

Ballistics offers an easy-to-use Ballistics API that enables developers to perform 2D or 3D calculations, determine flight time, perform ray casting for collision detection, and more. The API goes beyond simple parabolic trajectory calculations and allows developers to dictate arc height and flight speed. The API returns initial velocity and gravity to meet the desired flight path as a physically simulated object, enabling developers to meet the demands of design teams, whether or not those demands conform to traditional physics.

Trick Shot component:

The Trick Shot component is an easy-to-use feature that can be added to a GameObject for predicting the path of a projectile, launching it, and managing it along its path with standard collision detection. With this component, developers can ensure that the path is followed while also handling moving objects. This feature is perfect for puzzle games featuring a shooting mechanic.

Path Line tool:

The Path Line tool extends the Trick Shot component to draw the predicted path with a standard Unity Line Renderer suitable for both 3D and 2D paths. This tool allows developers to visualize the predicted trajectory of the projectile, making it easier to fine-tune the path. The Path Line tool is an ideal tool for both novice and experienced developers, who can benefit from its ability to create custom trajectories quickly and easily.

Ballistic Aim

The Ballistic Aim component can be added to a game object and used to control the rotation of pivots simulating a turret aiming along a ballistic path with configurable projectile settings.

Ballistic Targeting

Working with Ballistic Aim the targeting component will automatically update the aim component with the position and where the available movement of a given target enables code-free tracking and targeting of targets.

Looking for a comprehensive solution to handle ballistics calculations in your game development project? Look no further than PhysKit: Ballistics! Our robust toolset includes a versatile API that lets you easily calculate physically correct, as well as stylized ballistic trajectories, and render flight paths and their collisions in 2D or 3D space.

Trick Shot & Path Line

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An easy-to-use component you can attach to a game object to accurately predict projectile trajectories including bounces ensuring they travel the predicted path exactly. Trick Shot is a great choice for “Peggle” like puzzle games with shooting mechanics.

The Path Line tool extends Trick Shot to let you draw the predicted path with a standard Unity Line Renderer. Trick Shot coupled with Path Line gives you a code-free way to aim, predict the path and bounces, draw the resulting trajectory path and even fire the projectile.

Aim & Targeting

Attach these easy-to-use components for a code-free solution to accurately aim turrets adjusting for target movement speed as required. Available for 2D and 3D and able to handle turrets with two separate pivot points (Y and X axis rotation) with configurable angle limits.

Ballistics API

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Our designer and programmer-friendly APIs include tools for realistic or stylized ballistic solutions. The API has a wide selection of 1-line Solution Methods you can easily use in your scripts suitable for 2D or 3D physics.

Simple; find the rotation your projectile to start at to hit your target moving or static.
Variable; find the velocity & gravity required to achieve the visual arc you requested.
Fixed Time; find the launch velocity to achieve a specific time on target.
Fixed Angle; find the launch speed required to reach that target.
Raycast; ray cast (and sphere/circle cast) that tests the full ballistic trajectory.

Community & Support

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