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Powerful Sword Pack(Great Sword + Katana)

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Powerful Sword Pack(Great Sword + Katana) Free.

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Powerful Sword Pack(Great Sword + Katana) v1.4

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This package provides character animation for RPG production.
Great Sword, Katana Animation consists of about 634kinds of key animations.

The all animation contains.(Katana + GreatSword)
Intro : 2
Movement : 125
Movement RootMotion : 98
Turn in place RootMotion : 66
Turn in place Inplace : 66
Skills : 26
Attack : 44
Attack Inplace : 34
Jump Attack : 10
Count Attack(Revenge_Guard) : 12
Damage : 45
KnockDown : 36
Dodge : 10
ZeroHeight : 40
Injured : 7
Injured RootMotion : 7
Attach Motion(In the Air_Combo) : 6

Total : 632
โ€“ All Humanoid FBX files

[Grruzam_Animation _Test_File]

[To check the Anmation state]

Product information
The character league is set to humanoid configuration. Includes 5 finger bones, shoulder arms and leg twist bones.

The model of the demo video for promotion is not included as a real Grruzam RPG powerful Package asset,
but includes dummy modeling with the same size, frame structure, and naming.

Motion states was aligned to the animation controller.

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