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This is a paid asset, but now you can download ProSurfaceSnap Free.

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ProSurfaceSnap v2.0.2 (Latest version)

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Welcome to ProSurfaceSnap!

ProSurfaceSnap is an editor extension which is incredibly useful for populating your 3D world with props. Ideal for terrain and mesh surfaces, with a very intuitive interface (mouse move to snap/rotate/scale/offset) this handy plugin will make level design and world decoration fast, intuitive and fun!

Presentation Video

Video tutorials:
Quick Intro
Surface Settings
Per Layer Settings
Hotkey Customization

Main features:
• snap object to terrain;
• snap objects to meshes (no mesh colliders needed);
• support for spherical surfaces;
• rotate, scale, offset using the mouse;
• anchor pivot adjustment;
• hotkey customization;
• surface settings
• per layer customization;

The following assets are not included with the package but were used in screenshots and videos:
Multistory Dungeons
Mountain Trees-Dynamic Nature
Advanced Foliage Pack
Advanced Rock Pack
Skybox Series Free

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