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Quibli: Anime Shaders and Tools

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Quibli: Anime Shaders and Tools for FREE, but please remember this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.8.1 (Latest version)

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Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.7.1

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Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.5.0

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Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.4.0

(Tested with Unity version 2020.3.23f1)

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Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.3.0

(Tested with Unity version 2020.3.23f1)

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Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.1.0

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Quibli is all you need to achieve the look of Japanese animation films. It includes shaders, post-processing and mesh generation tools that cover a wide variety of non-photorealistic styles.

Quibli aims to provide all the tools you need to achieve an anime-inspired look, without restricting you to a particular style. We included many example scenes, which you are welcome to use. Quibli helps you create your own assets and create the anime look you’re going for.


⛱ Stylized Lit shader
A non-photorealistic replacement of the standard lit shader. It uses gradients of up to eight colors instead of one base color. The shader also has lots of anime-specific options, like shadow sharpening and strength, object outline and HDR rim.

🌳 Foliage shader
Created to achieve the “painted” look on trees and bushes. There are lots of foliage rendering techniques which we’ve conveniently consolidated into a single uber shader. It can be used on your own models, but we’ve also included a foliage mesh generation tool that offers a wide customization space. Oh, and we included lots of fine-tuned mesh generation presets to get you started.

🌱 Grass shader
Renders stylized colorful grass with ambient motion and wind gusts. We’ve created a specific mesh generation tool for the grass so that with a few clicks you can create a custom mesh with automatic LOD.

☁️ Cloud shaders
Renders fluffy humongous clouds, as well as the thin smoky ones. Two provided shaders can be used for 3D and 2D clouds. The cloud meshes are also generated in the Unity Editor, with the included tool.

🌈 Skybox shader
The skybox uses a gradient to transition between up to eight colors at an arbitrary orientation.

🖼 Post processing
Our post-processing adds a final touch with two effects – “Stylized Detail” sharpens high-contrast lines while “washing out” the small details and “Stylized Color Grading” adds color adjustments frequently seen in anime. The effects are integrated with Unity’s Volume system which allows spatial control over the settings.

🔆 Light beams shader
Renders subtle sun rays to add more atmosphere to the scenes. The shader also has noise settings to simulate particles flowing through the air.

⚡️ Electric wire mesh generator
A script that lets you easily create large amounts of electric wires. We found it to be a huge time saver for the city scene. What’s up with the electric wires in Japan?


All demo scenes are included in the asset along with professionally-made models and textures.
Source code and shader graphs are included so that you can edit anything for your project if you’d like.
Tooltips on everything, even the materials. With so many parameters we’ve put in some extra time to make it easy to understand and configure everything, without the need to look under the hood.
Descriptive and illustrative documentation with gifs and videos, faqs, should you need to dive deeper on using a component. It is always up-to-date and ever expanding, including edits based on user feedback.
Flat Kit: If you get Quibli you also get 50% discount on Flat Kit, our toon shading solution. Check out how Quibli and Flat Kit complement each other. Together they bring an ultimate stylized rendering solution.

💢 Platform compatibility 💢

Quibli is specifically created to be platform-agnostic, we are not using features like tessellation or compute shaders.
All shaders are professionally-written with performance implications in mind. We are trying to thoughtfully balance between cost and flexibility. Wherever possible, we aim to achieve both, for example the outline pass is not rendered if the outline width is zero.
Mobile platforms are supported, but as always, require close attention to the number of draw calls and foliage overdraw.
The foliage and cloud shaders use alpha clipping, which can be expensive on low end platforms. It is, however, far cheaper than transparent shaders.
The Stylized Lit shader cost is generally comparable to the URP’s Standard Lit shader.

💢 Requirements 💢

Universal Render Pipeline 10.0.0 or later (not Built-in or HDRP).
Shader Graph 10.0.0 or later (for the grass, cloud and foliage shaders).
General limitations.


7 scenes along with 50+ models, 60+ textures, 200+ materials, 20+ presets.
6 shaders: Stylized Lit, Foliage, Grass, Skybox, Cloud 3D, Cloud 2D.
2 post-processing effects: Stylized Detail and Stylized Color Grading.
3 mesh generation tools: Foliage/Cloud, Grass, Electric wires.
Lots of handy models, textures, materials and presets.


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