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Retro Space Rail Shooter

by [email protected]

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Retro Space Rail Shooter v1.3.2 (Latest version)

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A game template inspired by classic games of the 16-bit era. This template provides nearly everything you need to start building a 3D on-rails shooter in a retro style, including code, music, sound effects, models, prefabs, HUD, menu and gameplay scenes, retro-style shaders, and more!

This project is designed for Unity developers of all skill levels. Extensive, well-written documentation will help everyone from rookie coders to expert developers to understand and work with the code, components, and assets.

Not a coder? No problem! Flexible, highly reusable components allow you to quickly build enemies, NPCs, levels, new weapons, and more without needing to write any code.


+ Single-player on-rails shooter gameplay. Steer your ship to aim; shoot down enemies while avoiding obstacles and enemy fire.
+ Scoring system
+ Player inventory / power-ups system
+ Laser cannon and homing missile weapons
+ Player lives and respawning
+ Several types of AI and movement patterns for enemy / NPC ships
+ Retro flat-shaded player spacecraft model with two variants
+ 5 retro flat-shaded enemy spacecraft models, plus 1 retro flat-shaded enemy carrier model
+ Functional enemy prefabs for each enemy model
+ One complete level demonstrating all gameplay features, plus several scenes demonstrating specific concepts and gameplay features
+ Menu Main scene
+ Settings scene
+ Two music tracks and dozens of retro-style sound effects
+ Graphical presets to create a more authentic retro look. Quickly set your resolution and framerate to emulate 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, or high-def platforms
+ A custom retro shader that gives your models an authentic 16-bit look, with flat-shading and checkered shading inspired by the Super FX chip*

This project also includes my core library, which contains highly reusable code and systems that can be utilized in just about any project! The core library includes:
+ Object pooling system
+ Many components for simple movements and animations
+ Volume and event triggers
+ Health and damage system
+ A “DrawConnections” system for visualizing script links (such as references and events) between GameObjects in the scene view
+ Many other utility components that can simplify your life when building a game!

Are you tired of inheriting technical debt? Tired of working with low-quality game templates that use terrible coding practices and break every time you change or add a feature? Sick of trying to decipher poorly translated documentation? I know I am – it was those same feelings that motivated me to make this template in the first place!

Retro Space Rail Shooter is a high-quality template developed by a professional software engineer in the U.S. You can expect clean, modular code that is well-written and highly flexible, as well as exceptional documentation written in perfect English. My goal is to give you a solid foundation that lets you focus on building your game, without ever making you bang your head on your desk in frustration!

This is the first release of this package, so there may be bugs or other issues. Please email me or contact me on Unity Connect if you encounter any bugs, and I’ll fix them as fast as possible.

*This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo.

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