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Rigidbody Pick-Up

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Rigidbody Pick-Up Free.

Rigidbody Pick-Up v4.0

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A powerful pick up script to pick up rigidbodies. Includes a ton of customization options for the game you want!

[Game Web Demo]
YouTube Demo
Help Documentation

Note: All systems are able to be toggled, so use what fits your game!
NEW: Place objects back to their original position and rotation.
! Customizable buttons
! Togglable holding, hold button or press once.
! Distances of how far you can pick up and hold
! Object opacity decreased if you’re holding the object.
! Switch object held direction based on player, a single axis, or completely free form.
! Our own crosshair system for you to use, right off the bat!
! Object zooming to allow the object held to be moved back and forth.
! Audio for the picking up objects, letting them go, and holding them. AUDIO INCLUDED!

Crosshair System
It also has built-in crosshairs to show you what state the script is at, depending if nothing is in front of you, to an object is able to be picked up, if an object is currently being held, and even when you can place an object back. Audio is also included to accompany.

People will now only receive support if they prove they’ve purchased my script. I apologize if this puts legitimate purchases doing an extra step for help
Included is documentation to get your project ready for your game. If you are still having problems, please contact me via EMAIL! Includes basic set-up, for which is extremely basic for how powerful it is. The script is also fully commented to get you to understand coding more clearly. Check out the PDF if you get confused on how to set it up.

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