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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “RPG Creation Kit” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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RPG Creation Kit v1.5

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Unleash your creative vision without the hassle of complex programming. The RPG Creation Kit empowers you to dive straight into crafting captivating stories and immersive game content.

The RPG Creation Kit is a toolset that makes the development of RPG games a lot easier and a lot more accessible. RPG games are known for their complexity especially on the programming side – with the RPG Creation Kit you will only have to focus in the creative part and in the game content, as the hard part is already there, ready for you to be used.

The project is designed to give you all the elements that you may need in order to make either a simple or a very complex and branched RPG game, with thousands of NPCs, multiple questlines, factions, locations, outcomes, and world-changing events.

The RPG Creation Kit is inspired by games as “The Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout”, and it aims to support those kind of games levels of complexity and depth.

The Kit is designed with a user-friendly approach, featuring multiple Editor Windows and Inspectors that will do almost all the job for you.

Here is a partial list of main features:

🔍 Quest System: An intuitive Quest System that breathes life into your narratives.

🧠 AI: Advanced AI powered by Behavior Trees and Goals, for vibrant, dynamic worlds.

🧠 Persistent Reference AI: Allows for your AI to be persistent, accessible and summonable from any part of the world!

🐉 Creature AI: Watch as creatures roam and interact dynamically in your world!

💬 Dialogue System: A versatile Dialogue System to immerse players in your story, allowing for complex and braching storylines.

⚔️ Player Controller & Combat System: Experience seamless, adrenaline-pumping gameplay!

🔮 Magic & Spells System: Weave enchantment into every corner of your world!

👀 First Person Controller and Switchable Third Person Controller: Give players the freedom to choose their perspective!

🎒 Inventory & Equipment: Manage gear effortlessly for a smooth player experience!

⚔️ Melee Weapons: Engage in heart-pounding close-quarters combat!

🏹 Ranged Weapons: Master the art of precise, long-range attacks!

🔫 Firearms & Throwables: Equip your characters with modern firepower!

🗺️ Compass with Quest Markers and Points of Interest: Guide players through a seamless adventure!

📊 Attributes: Customize characters with a range of attributes for depth and variety!

🤝 Factions: Shape alliances and rivalries that influence the game world, and let the player join any!

💾 Save & Load: No need to worry! Everything you will create and add will be automatically saved in-game!

🔄 Autosave: Never lose progress – the game saves when it matters!

💰 Looting System: Reward players with enticing loot!

💼 Trade System: Create a bustling, dynamic in-game economy for endless possibilities!

🌍 World Streaming, Cells & Worldspaces: Craft expansive, immersive game worlds!

👀 Distant Cell Rendering: Bring distant vistas to life with stunning visuals, while the world is streamed automatically as the player walks!

💥 Effects & Consumables: Infuse your game with dynamic enhancements and practical benefits!

📦 Items System: Manage in-game items with precision and ease!

🔒 Items Ownership and Stealing: Infuse your world with dynamic interactions!

🤲 Pickpocket System: Test players’ thieving skills with this immersive feature!

✒️ Scripting Support: Customize and enhance your game with scripting capabilities!

🎉 Events System: Craft dynamic, evolving game worlds with event triggers!

🎭 Character & NPCs Creation: Create unique, unforgettable heroes!

💽 Database System: Organize and access game data seamlessly and from anywhere!

🔧 Dozens of Life-Saver Editor Tools: Simplify the development process with essential tools!

💥 Locational Damage: Amp up the intensity with precise, location-based damage!

🚨 Aggro and Aggro Modifiers: Fine-tune enemy behavior for challenging encounters!

🎮 Gamepad Support: Immerse players in your world with versatile control options!

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