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RTS Starter Kit

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download RTS Starter Kit Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

RTS Starter Kit v1.6.6

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RTS Starter Kit is all, what you needed to create your own RTS game! It contains units ordering, movement and attack, building mode, minimap, and many, many other things. Easy to use, no code needed to add your content for prototype your game and minimal code needed to implement your own features. Game style, represented is this Kit, looks similar to C&C game series.

Windows Demo (Preffered) | WebGL 2.0 Demo | Roadmap in Trello | Our Discord


Use and code:
– Easy to start using without coding.
– Easy to extend code and implement new things, if you need it.
– Parameters of game objects is easy to edit: most of data is separated from logics scripts.
– Component style: all of code is splitted to small and understandable components, and you easily can add your own.
– Detailed guide about all asset components.
– Online API Documentation (Beta), describes all components code of asset.
– Asset code contains a lot of events, which you can connect your code to. It simplifies development of new features very well.

– Classic military RTS gameplay like C&C and other games in this style. Buildings, units, resources, harvesters, etc.
– Supports up to 16 players on map and you can increase this value if you want.

Building system and Camera:
– Building mode allows player to place buildings on map.
– Grid mode for building system.
– Buildings rotation for building system.
– Advanced camera controller – camera movement (by mouse button, keys and mouse cursor on screen borders), zoom, rotation.

Units controls and mechanics:
– Full units controls: selection, multi-selection, ordering.
– Units pathfinding, based on NavMesh.
– Units have attack, movement, health and other modules.
– Buildings have a production module, which allow to build units and other buildings.
– Units support sounds and visual effects settings.
– Supported air units like helicopters and any other variations you want.
– Several attack types like Land, Air, Air and Land.
– Unit groups by Ctrl + Number key supported.
– Unit selection of same type on screen by double click on unit.
– Etc.

User interface (UI):
– Minimap, which show units positions, camera position (and allows to move camera), and terrain.
– Building system interface – buildings and units icons, count of ordered units and building progress.
– Selected units information, list of units for multi-selection.
– Healthbars above selected units.

Editor features:
– Advanced gizmos for different units parameters like attack radius, etc.
– Help hints and tooltips in Inspector for almost all components and variables.
– Extended Inspector for many components.
– Customizable gameplay settings, stored in one asset and separated to partitions.
– Unit editor, Production Categories editor and Game Settings windows will speed up your work on adding new content.
– Included example low-poly models.

Match settings:
– Allows add and remove players from game.
– Player can change players colors, setup teams, select map.
– Player can add AI enemies in lobby.

– Included simple AI, which building base and units, sending groups of units to attack player and other enemies. We working on improving AI behaviour.
– Included several variations of AI Settings assets.

Fog of War:
– Asset includes classic fog of war feature – you can see it on screenshots and in the demo.
– Fog of War also works on minimap.

– RTS Starter Kit asset has highly optimized code, which runs smoothly and fast.
– Works on DirectX and OpenGL API.

A lot of other things, which is so needed in RTS game.

Terrain textures shown on screenshots is preview and not included in asset, but since it free, you can download it by yourself.

You can contact us via email:
[email protected]

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