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Ruaumoko v1.1

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Ruaumoko, The Maori god of the earth, enables fully destructible smooth iso-surfacing, voxel based terrain generation and more!

Unity 5 ready! This package provides the core functionality to generate amazing iso-surface terrain. The results can be fully destructed and deformed on-the-fly. This engine runs entirely as C# scripts and all code is included, including full implementations of Marching Cubes and Dual Contouring.
New in 1.3: Octree scene management for complete world visibility and LOD management!
Infinite paging meltable terrain
Planet Sculpting
Infinite paging terrain
Walkthrough paging terrain
Ice Caves: meltable terrain

– An editor suite to pregenerate, dig, paint, and perfect your landscapes before the player gets their turn!
– Marching cubes and Dual Contouring implementations to turn your data into 3D meshes.
– Real-time paging scripts, LOD mesh generation, multi-threaded terrain generation.
– Meltable worlds enabled by real-time deformation scripts.
– Shaders for triplanar texture projection, detail textures, per-vertex ambient occlusion.
– Procedural grass engine.

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