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This is a paid asset, but now you can download SAVE-IT Pro Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

SAVE-IT Pro v11.1

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SAVE-IT Pro v9.0

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Save-It is a universal database editor for saving & loading data in Unity with very familiar and understandable system. The system works on file streaming value per value. The plugin is ready for Unity 2020.

Documentation – Support

Current version is v11

Plugin contains:
– Full Solution
– Database Editor
– Editable Pathes
– Resource Check System
– True Hierarchy
– Full Documentation
– Example Scenes
– 3 Stream Types
– Behaviour & Component Hierarchy
– Screen Fade Addition
– Slot Generator Addition
– All platforms supported

You are also very free to try demo project. Save-It Free allows you to save basic transform of specific objects. Save-It Free Version DOWNLOAD

What are the essential differences between Free and Pro version? Pro version includes completed database solution to save whole scene with static or dynamic components. You can easily edit Save-It Pro script and manipulate with editor with very handy and user-friendly workflow. Save-It Free version allows you to understand how the system works and includes basic saving and loading process of objects positions.

Clever and quick solution to save and load your whole scene in a matter of seconds. Save your time and level up your project with complete database solution Save-It.

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