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Score Flash with Unity UI (uGUI) support

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Score Flash with Unity UI (uGUI) support Free.

Score Flash with Unity UI uGUI v4.6.1

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Score Flash is more than just “Scrolling Combat Text on Steroids”. It’s a simple yet powerful GUI add on for pushing scores, achievements, collected power ups, tutorial instructions or even chat messages above players heads in a fancy and highly configurable way. It can use UnityGUI or the new Unity UI, so you have no external dependencies (but it does support plenty of other packages).

All you need is grab the prefab, put it into your scene and when you want your players to know they’ve done something awesome, just write:


Yes. It’s that easy! You can also push messages using 2D screen coordinates or keep messages above game objects (e.g. players or units) using 3D coordinates. ScoreFlash includes plenty of C#, and a few JavaScript and Boo examples and full source code.

Addon available for Text Mesh Pro (we have deprecated support for Noesis GUI, DFGUI, NGUI, EZ GUI, SpriteManager 2 and Text Box)! And ScoreFlash also has an addon with its own PlayMaker actions! And a visual designer!

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