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Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI Free.

Sierra Foxtrot FPS GUI

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This is only a GUI skin and not a coded product.
You NEED Photoshop to customize/edit/access this product, in it’s PSD forms. If you do not have a Licensed Photoshop you will be limited with only the sliced PNGs.

“Sierra Foxtrot” is a military themed GUI for shooters. Targeted platform is PC.

-Sliced PNGs
-3 Main PSD Files
-4 Secondary PSD Files
-Photoshop CSH File
-Documentation RTF File

-Less Smart Objects
-Majority Vector Shapes
-Flat,Gradients Style

-Ammo/Weapons Indic.
-HP/Armour Indic.
-Weapon Selection
-Kills Announce
-Quick Score/Timer
-Loading Screen
-Main Menu
-Single/Multiplayer Menus
-Rank Icons
-Weapon Shapes
-Escape Menu
-Orange and Blue Versions
-2 Crosshairs
-Social Pannel
-Create Game/Join Game

Thanks for the artwork example to Joakim Olofsson.
His artwork is not included in the product, it’s only for preview. Don’t worry, the wallpapers are included (namely the Soldier and the Logo+BG and also several photos).

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