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Sky Tracks – Megapack

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Sky Tracks – Megapack Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Sky Tracks – Megapack v1.2

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Update: Another track added.

It is RACE TIME!!!

If you‘re scared of height, don’t look down. Racing has just got that little bit more dangerous…

7 tracks with combination of nicely flowing corners.

See-through road surface.

A lot of elevation changes. Track is going over and uder.

Low Poly. Optimized for the best combination of smooth corners and low polygon numbers.

The asset is mobile friendly.

Distance boards before the corners to help you judge the braking point accurately.

Rally style turn boards indicating the direction and sharpness (4 levels – green to red) of upcoming turns. Learning of a new track is going to become easier than ever before.

Starting grid and finish line. Time to race!

All features (boards, grids) are separate meshes. You can easily customize the track by removing them.

Long “legs” as separate objects included. Move them where you want and “stick” the whole track into your terrain, clouds or whatever you want. Remove them if you have flying islands for support ?

All SkyTracks in one tidy and economical package:

Sky Track – The Gordian Knot
4332 vertices and 4224 triangles.

Sky Track – The Thrill Bow
4080 vertices and 3864 triangles.

Sky Track – The Clover Leaf
4116 vertices and 3864 triangles.

Sky Track – The Bow Tie
3868 vertices and 3704 triangles.

Sky Track – Over and Under
3516 vertices and 3360 triangles.

And now additional 6th track
5600 vertices and 5400 triangles

… and 7th track
5181 vertices and 5182 triangles

If you like these tracks let me know (preferably by buying ? and I will make more

Thanks for rating.

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