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Smart Lighting 2D

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Smart Lighting 2D Free.

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Smart Lighting 2D v2021.7.1 (Latest version)

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Smart Lighting 2D v2021.4.1

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Smart Lighting 2D v2021.4.0

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Smart Lighting 2D v2021.2.2

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Smart Lighting 2D v2020.1.1

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Smart Lighting 2D v1.2.5

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Smart Lighting 2D v1.1.1

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Winner of the Best Development Tool in the Unity Awards 2019

Smart Lighting 2D is a lightweight and powerful tool to setup lighting for 2D scene very easily.

Demos | Play WebGL Demo | Download Android Demo
Support | Unity Forum Thread | Discord Support (over 350 members)
Demo Video

● Flawless Customer Support (Unity 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
● Mobile Friendly (Great performance on Android & iOS devices)
● 9 Demo scenes
● 2D Dynamic Lighting with Soft Shadows
● HDR lights support
● Event Handling – Light Collisions
● User friendly Masking and Layers System
● Tilemaps Support (2018.1 or higher)
● Experimental Isometic Tilemaps Support (2018.2 or higher)
● Super Tilemap Editor Support (2018.1 or higher)
● Sprite Texture Based Lights
● Supports 2D Colliders (Circle, Box, Capsule, Polygon, Edge)
● Supports Custom Physics Shapes
● Concave & Covex Polygon Collider Shapes
● Day Shadows with angle of sun
● Day Shadows height
● Plenty of lighting settings you can change in real time (e.g. darkness level)
● Full C# Code API
● 2D Geometry Helper API

Planned Features (work in progress)
Get more recent information about these features in discord channel.’
● LWRP Support
● Day & Night Cycle
● Atlas Support
● Hexagonal Tilemap Support
● Normal Maps

If you have any questions or issues,
please mail [email protected]
Feel free to contact me!

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