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Snaps Prototype | School

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Snaps Prototype | School Free.

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Snaps Prototype | School v1.0

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Snaps Prototype | School includes:

Large structure objects to build the exterior and interior of the school – 102 prefabs
• Walls
• Roof
• Doors and windows
• Stairs and pillars
• Ceiling and floors

Props for specific types of rooms – 172 prefabs
• Classroom (65 prefabs)
• Bathroom (52 prefabs)
• Corridors (14 prefabs)
• Outdoor area and a porch (31 prefab)

Compatible with:
Unity 2018.4 and above

Works with Snaps Art HD | School
Use Asset Swap tool to switch between packs.

Snaps Prototype asset packs are collections of prefabs built to real-world scale with ProBuilder, designed to help game developers design 3D levels quickly by providing collections of themed assets that are modular, built to real-world scale, customizable, and easy to use. Combined with ProGrids, Snaps Prototype assets snap on all three axes making level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise.

The Snaps ecosystem is ideal for anyone who wants to prototype and build projects quickly.

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Each Snaps Prototype pack caters to a particular theme to provide a little added visual boost beyond typical cubes and planes prototypes. The themes also provide additional visual communication for concept artists and a visual “feel” while prototyping gameplay. The assets were modeled entirely with ProBuilder so they can be further customized or modified using the Probuildarize tool to enable editing. All models have their UVs unwrapped and are ready for textures to be applied.

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