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Space Combat Kit

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Space Combat Kit Free.

Space Combat Kit v2.3 (Latest version)

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Space Combat Kit v2.0

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The Space Combat Kit enables you to quickly create anything from a simple arcade space shooter to a sophisticated space sim!

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Space Fighters – First Person Characters – Capital Ships – VR Ready!

With the flexible space vehicle framework provided, it’s easy to create all kinds of ships, weapons, and ship modules, and give your players options for selecting their ship and weapons loadout before fighting it out with exciting AI opponents.

Only use what you need – with this kit’s modular framework, all the stuff you don’t need won’t get in the way. And adding the things that make your game stand out is as simple as creating new modules.

Spaceship Controllers
– Customizable physics-based space flight controller
– Control fighters, capital ships and all kinds of spaceships
– Optional 6 degrees of freedom
– Multiple control configuration options
– AI uses the same spaceship controller as the player
– Configurable engine exhaust effects

First Person Characters
– First person character provided
– Enter and exit any kind of vehicle
– Utilize the same framework as other vehicles

Capital Ships
– Capital ship camera
– Capital ship controller
– Capital ship AI
– Control multiple turrets
– Target subsystems

– Projectile and beam guns
– Homing missiles
– Turrets and gimbaled weapons
– Create and select trigger groups during gameplay
– Quickly create new weapons with re-usable, modular components
– Customize weapon effects
– Aim assist

– 2D/3D holographic radar
– Target boxes with off-screen arrows
– Target holograms
– Fully customizable HUD
– Add additional target data without writing code
– Create multiple target selectors
– Target subsystems of enemy ships
– VR ready!

– Create new health types (hull, shields etc)
– Energy shield effects
– Quickly create new damageable objects

– Manage power distribution between subsystems during gameplay
– Easily create weapons/modules that consume power

– Easily create new weapons/modules and add them to the loadout menu
– Easily create new subsystems for your ships with Module Managers

Customizable Input
– Create new inputs and connect them to gameplay without writing code
– Quickly and easily create new control scripts for vehicles
– Share control scripts between multiple vehicles with overlapping functionality

– Behaviours provided including obstacle avoidance, combat, patrol and formation following
– Easily create new behaviours for your ships
– Space fighter and capital ship behaviours included

– Smooth following camera provided
– Easily add new camera views and customize how the camera behaves
– Easily set up layered cameras

– Rumble Manager to drive camera shakes and rumble effects
– Object pooling
– Much more!

For any comments, queries or issues, please send an email to [email protected], or drop me a message on the Discord, and I will get back to you quickly.

Have fun creating your space game with the Space Combat Kit!

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