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Speech Bubble Manager

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Speech Bubble Manager

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Speech Bubble Manager is a system that creates and manages speech bubbles through one line of code.

• Speech bubbles through one line of code
• 2D and 3D
• Adapts size to fit text
• Object pooling
• 4 types of bubbles
• TextMesh Pro integrations (optional)

Demo 2D
A game using Speech Bubble Manager

It works in 2D and 3D. It will adapt the size of the speech bubble to fit the text it needs to contain. It uses object pooling to keep down garbage generation. It comes with a set of four types of speech bubbles and more can be created without too much hassle.

The system is useful not only for talking characters but also as a debugging tool; instead of printing to the debug console, let the character tell you its debugging message in person! This is especially useful for debugging AI as the character can actually talk you through his or her thinking. There is a Behaviour Designer integration package included so that speech bubbles can be easily created through an action.

As mentioned there are four types of speech bubbles included. Two of them are using 9-sliced sprites (normal and serious) while two of them are scaled to fit their content (angry and thought). The 9-sliced work for all sizes of content, scaled images work best if the height and width are somewhat similar as they can look a bit strangely stretched otherwise. To keep the ratio as close as possible introduce a linebreak here and there for the very best visuals when using angry and thought bubbles.

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