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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Sprite Slicer Free.

Sprite Slicer v1.331

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Sprite Slicer Website

Slice, dice and explode any sprite in your game! Sprite Slicer allows you to quickly and easily cut any physics-enabled sprite into little pieces, each of which will then have its own realistic physics behaviour.

* Works on both Unity and 2D Toolkit sprites.
* Simple static script functions allow you to slice sprites along a given line, or explode them into multiple parts.
* Supports both concave and convex polygons.
* Optimised to preserve dynamic batching and reduce draw calls.
* Slices any sprite with a 2D box, circle or polygon collider.
* Easily restrict slices to particular sprites using LayerMasks.
* Full C# source code and example scene included.

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