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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Stats Free.

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Stats v1.1.3 (Latest version)

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Stats v0.2.4

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Stats for Game Creator is the easiest tool that lets you do from simple health bars to complex RPG systems with multiple Stats, Attributes and Status Effects.

Stats is an extension for Game Creator and won’t work without it.

It’s been built to be fast, fun and easy to iterate over.


• Globally define all Stats and Attributes.
• Add the Stats component and you are ready to go!
• Use the new Formula system that allows you to define a math expression and evaluate it at runtime.
• Easily define Status Effects and how they behave during gameplay.
• Add Stat Modifiers whenever you equip an item, drink a potion or… Whatever you can think of!.
• Debug in real-time with our unparalleled tools.
• Seamlessly integrated with Game Creator and the save/load system. No need to worry about anything!


• Inventory
• Quests
• Dialogue
• Behavior
• Shooter
• Melee


• WebGL Examples
• Homepage (gamecreator.io)
• Documentation
• Forum


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