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Stylized Water 2

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Stylized Water 2 for FREE, but please remember this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Stylized Water 2 v1.4.0 (Latest version)

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Stylized Water 2 v1.3.1

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Stylized Water 2 v1.3.0

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Stylized Water 2 v1.2.0

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Stylized Water 2 v1.1.9 (Apr 25, 2022)

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Stylized Water 2 v1.1.9

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Stylized Water 2 v1.1.8b

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Stylized Water 2 v1.1.7

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Stylized Water 2 v1.1.4

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Stylized Water 2 v1.1.1

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Stylized Water 2 v1.0.9

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Stylized Water 2 v1.0.8

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Highly customizable to suit your art direction through various parameters. This package focuses on providing artistic freedom, rather than a realistic water simulation. Easy to use and self-documented

The successor to the original Stylized Water Shader asset, widely adopted since 2016. Re-imagined from the ground up for the Universal Render Pipeline (7.4.1+).

💧 Features:

• Deep, shallow and horizon color controls

• Intersection foam effect with other objects

• Unlit/simple and advanced shading modes

• Adjustable surface foam

• GPU-driven, layered wave animations

• Animated caustics in shallow water

• Translucency rendering from all light types

• Flat shading toggle (low poly look)

• Planar reflections (excluding VR)

• Separate control over skybox- and sun reflections

• Sparkles based on normal map

• Refraction, distorts objects underneath water surface

• UV- or world-projected tiling (endless water)

• Vertex color support for foam, opacity and wave height

• Transparency mask to hide the water inside objects such as boats

• Buoyancy API to have objects float on the water surface. Integration with Dynamic Water Physics 2

• River mode for spline meshes (such as R.A.M.)

• NEW! Distance normals (tiling reduction)

📦 Includes:

• Tropical beach demo scene

• Several pre-configured water materials

• Pre-made foam and normal map textures

• Utility to create subdivided plane/circle mesh assets

• Set of particle effects designed for gameplay and environment enhancement (flipbooks with normal maps)

• Water Grid component, creates water tiles which can follow a specific transform

✔️ Compatibility:

• URP 7.4.1+ (excluding Built-in/HDRP)

• PC, macOS (OpenGL/Metal), Consoles, Android/iOS (OpenGLES 3.0+)

• One-click integration for Enviro, Azure Sky, Atmospheric Height Fog and Curved World 2020

• Supports spot/point lights

• Orthographic camera’s

• Virtual Reality headsets, verified for Oculus Rift (See details about Quest)

• Full details…

⚡ Performance:

Hand-written, expertly crafted shader, for maximum performance and flexibility.

Features can be disabled making it scalable to use on mobile platforms. Down from a simple colored plane to a vivid ocean.

🚧 Limitations:

• Caustics are not visible when camera enters water

• Can’t support the 2D Renderer

• Planar reflections are disabled in VR

🎁 20% upgrade discount for users of Stylized Water Shader


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