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Texture Adjustments

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Texture Adjustments v2019.4

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Texture Adjustments is a texture editing and manipulation software. Allowing users to crop, resize and adjust textures in editor and runtime using GPU accelerated ultra fast filters.

The tools within Texture Adjustments make it possible to edit both individual textures as well as large batches of files.

Texture Adjustments comes with a big library of filters, that can be used individually or mixed together in any combination for creating unlimited texture variations.

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Supported adjustments:
• Hue/Saturation/Lightness
• Brightness/Contrast
• Levels
• Blur Gaussian/Directional/Grainy/Average
• Edge Padding
• Noise
• Pixelate/Mipmap
• Sharpen
• Color Space
• Grayscale
• Threshold
• Color Overlay (24 blend modes)
• Color Replace
• Watermark
• Gradient Ramp
• Channel Import/Swap/Invert
• Image Flip/Tilling/Offset/Rotate
• Crop by Alpha, Color and Custom Rect
• Edge Extend
• Split (by grid)
• Gradient generator (Linear, Radial, Diamond, Angle)
• Noise Generator (Gradient, Pixelated, Simple)
• Shape Generator (Circle, Ellipse, Triangle, Rectangle, NGon)
• Texture Bombing
• (more to come)

Builtin Resize Pro and Encode Pro.

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Scripts are packed in dll.

Even adjustments calculation are GPU accelerated they shouldn’t be used in every Update() – do not forget that it’s still a texture (huge amount of data) calculation.

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