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Third Person Controller

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Third Person Controller v2.1.10

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⭐Now includes a Drive Ability, Magic Items, and Split Screen support!⭐

Opsive’s Third Person Controller is your ultimate solution for creating ANY 3rd person game. It is a professional, kinematic character controller designed to have the smoothest third person controls and to excel in all areas: PC, mobile, console, AI, networking, and VR.

This package includes shooter, melee, magic, throwable, and flashlight items with a third person perspective.

Overview | Demo | Documentation | Videos | Forum | Discord

✔️Unique Features
The Third Person Controller contains many unique features not typically found in other third-person controllers – from the wide variety of weapons to the ability system that allows you to add or remove functionality without changing any of the core components. Other unique features include being able to change the gravity direction or the time scale on a per-character basis.

✔️Exceptional Quality and Modularity
Many assets try to do too much. The entire focus of the Third Person Controller is to be a great character controller. The modular design allows for integrations with assets that excel in other areas.

✔️Just Getting Started?
Use the videos to get an overview of the system and then hit the ground running with the Character and Item Builder. You’ll have a new character exploring your world in seconds.

✔️Advanced User?
You’ll love the modular design and customization that the controller offers. More than 300 pages of documentation explains how the system works.

Our controllers have been used by tens of thousands of users. We have been constantly evolving the controller since 2012 and have an exciting future planned. Join our community to see where we are headed!

✔️Controller Features
• Kinematic Character Controller
• Third Person Camera Controller
• Dynamic Gravity System
• Advanced Moving Platform System
• Extensible Ability System
• Split Screen Support
• Supports Universal Render Pipeline
• Inverse Kinematics (IK)
• Dynamic Effects with Surface System
• Damage System
• Build Characters in Seconds

✔️Item Features
• Wide Variety of Shootable Weapons
• Wide Variety of Melee Weapons
• Melee Block, Parry & Counter Attacks
• Jumping Melee Attacks
• Melee Recoil Animations
• Extensible Magic Items
• Throwable Items
• Flashlight
• Special Attacks
• Visible Trajectory Curve
• Pickup Objects
• Object Pooler
• Build Items in Seconds

• Align to Ground
• Align to Gravity Zone
• Damage Visualization
• Die
• Drive
• Fall
• Follow 2.5D Path
• Generic
• Height Change
• Idle
• Interact
• Item Equip Verifier
• Item Pullback
• Jump
• Move Towards
• NavMesh Movement
• Pickup Item
• Quick Start
• Quick Stop
• Quick Turn
• Ragdoll
• Restrict Position
• Restrict Rotation
• Revive
• Ride
• Rideable
• Slide
• Speed Change
• Stop Movement Animation
• Target Orbit

• A* Pathfinding Project
• Adventure Creator
• Behavior Designer
• Cinemachine
• Control Freak
• DestroyIt
• Dialogue System
• Easy Touch
• Final IK
• InControl
• Love/Hate
• Playmaker
• PuppetMaster
• Quest Machine
• Rewired
• Ultimate Inventory System

• Agility Pack
• PUN Multiplayer Add-On
• Save System
• Swimming Pack
• VR Add-On

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