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Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download TileWorldCreator Free.

TileWorldCreator v2.0.6p1 (Latest version)

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TileWorldCreator v2.0.3

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Create beautiful islands or awesome dungeons

Website | Demo | Trailer

Create stunning islands or dungeons for your game or quickly build a level for your prototype.

TileWorldCreator is very easy to use and can generate your maps randomly in editor or at runtime.
Paint or modify your maps in the unity scene editor or use the runtime editor to paint maps at runtime.

Just drag the TileWorldCreator prefab to your scene and you are ready to go.

Scatter objects onto your world automatically with the TileWorldObjectScatterer, great for trees, stones, decals…


– 4 different map algorithms
– Runtime Editor
– 5 high quality tile presets included
– Layers + mask layers
– 10 demoscenes included.
– Editor / runtime random map generation.
– Paint maps directly in the scene.
– Runtime generation works on iOS and Android.
– Merge maps for drawcall optimization and occlusion culling.
– Automatic object scatterer.

Please backup your project before upgrading!

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