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Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story Free.

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Top Burger Chef: Cooking Story v1.1

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Game​ ​Features
● World and Level Selector(3 worlds with 60 levels per world, all together 180 levels)
● 3 power ups(Auto-hint, Coin Magnet, CustomerHappyTime)
● 21 animated Characters
● Auto-unlock new ingredients, characters and power-ups by progress
● AdMob and Unity Ads integrated
● Rate integrated

The monetization is made with AdMob(Interstitial and VideoReward) and UnityAds(VideoReward) ad
providers. All monetization setup is made through one script: AdsManager. To configure the ads, just
open the “Splash” scene in unity, select the “AdsManager” GameObject, and enter all the empty fields.

Instructions​ ​for​ ​graphic​ ​reskin​ ​of​ ​the​ ​textures

1: Loading Screen – consists of 2 textures, the main one is
“LoadingTexture” (2 sprites are used from this texture), and
the other one is “InterfaceGameplay”(1 sprite is used from
this texture). Gray parts are not used in this scene.

2: HomeScreen – consists of 3 textures,
“HomeScreenBG” and

“MainCharacterTexture”. These 3 textures use all of their
sprites in this scene.

InterfaceLogoHomeScreen texture contains sprites of the
homescreen interface and logo. The interface has to be
reskinned 1 on 1, while the logo might not, because in this

case we have the “TopBurger” logo, but in reskinning we can
have something else. It is recommended that the logo should
be left connected in this texture, when doing the reskin
(rather than broken down like in the original texture.) The
animation of the logo has to be redone. If the logo consists
of only one sprite, there shouldn’t be much work.

Illustration 8: HomeScreenBG in Unity
HomeScreenBG texture contains the background of the main
scene, and here the reskin should be done 1 on 1, but not for
every single element: for example, you might not need the
aircondition, the bench or the bush. You do not have to
reskin those elements, while other elements, such as the
house, the tree, the clouds etc., you need to reskin one on

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