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Top Down Shooter Characters pack

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Top Down Shooter Characters pack Free.

Top Down Shooter Characters pack v2.0

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Update 2.2:
Added new death animation,
Removed the js script and replaced with c#.

Update 2.1:
Added animation throw grenades,
Added script for the grenades,
Added sounds for grenades,
Added sprites and scripts cartridge case,
Added alternative control for mobile devices,
Added scripts camera zoom.


Package Includes:
set of animated sprites soldiers (a large variety of variations), player and enemies scripts. Demo scene with an example of interaction and GUI.

112 Sprite sheets for outfits:
6 head,
11 torso,
8 legs,
7 boots,
3 weapons,
1 tactical shield.

31 Animations:
2 weapons – Rifle and Pistol,
and tactical shield:
change weapon,
throw grenade,

14 Sprites effects,
16 GUI sprites,
87 Sprites environment,
floors, walls, edging, armchair, bath, bed, bench, chair, couch, Kitchen, lamps, notebook, printer, sink, sofa, tables, toilet, tree, tv, cupboard.
40 Editor UI sprites.

Scripts for aiming, shooting and controlling a player character and an enemies.
Scripts for GUI and environment.
Scripts for control scene.

We love to do things with perfectionism and great features. So, if you want to change something or add something to this pack – please write to us.

What features you want to see in the next update?

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